Roof fall protection | Roof safety system | Roof edge protection
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Protect your roof from falling hazards
with our innovative non-penetrating
roof edge protection.

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éco-versatile base en caoutchouc recyclé brevetée


Our patented recycled rubber base offer the widest installation versatility on the market.

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ligne d’avertissement autoportante permanente

Safer surrounding.

Create a visual perimeter between the work areas with our free-standing and permanent warning line.

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composants 100% partagés

Invest in life.

Convert your warning line into complete guardrail at low costs thanks to 100% shared components.

Make Your Roof Compliant

Roof fall protection | Roof safety system | Roof edge protection


VSS Classic - Permanent Freestanding guardrail

Non-penetrating and modular solution for roof edge protection. Meets and exceeds standards.

VSS Compact - Permanent Freestanding guardrail

Ideal for Contractor or temporary use. Durable and quick installation.

VSS SafetyLine - Permanent warning line

Completes your roof protection with a visual safety perimeter.

Are you compliant?

Delta VSS fall protection systems offer maximum security for workers at heights, plus peace of mind to the employer responsible for any person working for the company, according to C21 law referring article.

The standard, either for CSST, CNBC or OSHA, is simple: any building higher than 10 feet (3 meters) and requiring regular roof maintenance within less than 6 feet 6 inches (2 meters) from roof limits must offer fall protection, on pain of a fine.


The best fall protection system


Exceeds safety standards

made in canada


Designed and manufactured in Canada

About Delta Prevention

In the manufacturing business for over 25 years , Delta Prevention has created an innovative, affordable and easy to install fall protection system. Our team specialized in roof safety and fall protection will help you to get your facilities up to standards.

All Delta Prevention products are certified by our engineers. You can also benefit from our engineering department for the validation of your systems , once the installation is completed.
Benefit from the peace of mind of the Delta VSS System, a collective protection that eliminates the necessity of using and managing individual protection devices.
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